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Listed organizations:
Supporting organizations of the Russian Mineralogical Society
Host organizations of RMS members
Other organizations (host organizations of registered users not affiliated with RMS)
Acronyms: RAS = Russian Academy of Sciences, MNRE = Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation.
Organizations and departments, for which the website address is given, are also listed on the page "Useful links - organizations" (search form is active).

Host organizations of RMS members:
Amur State University
    Department of Geology and Nature Management
    Laboratory of Nature Management
Institute of Geology and Nature Management, Far East Branch of RAS
    Analytical Centre of Mineralogical and Geochemical Researches
    Laboratory of Electron Microscopy and X-ray Diffraction
    Laboratory of Electron Microscopy and X-ray Methods of Research
    Laboratory of metallogeny
    Laboratory of mineralogy and geochemistry of mineral deposits
    Laboratory of Nanogeochemistry
    Laboratory of Ore Genezis
    nanomineralogy laboratory
    Resource Modelling Department
Other organizations:
Amur Botanical Garden RAS
Central Administrative Board of Natural Resources (Blagoveshchensk)
Department of Regional Geology and Hydrogeology of Amur Research Center, Far East Branch of RAS
FGU TFI (Blagoveshchensk)
FGUGP "Amurgeologia" MNRE RF
JSC Research-and-Production Company "Geotechnology"
Pokrovsky Mine Company
The Blagoveshchensk state pedagogical university

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