21st line 2; 199026 St. Petersburg, Russia
Phone/Fax: +7 (812) 328-8640 email: rmo@minsoc.ru
founded in 1817
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Saint Petersburg Mining University
Name Abbreviation:  SPMU
Profile: education
City: Saint Petersburg
Country: Russia
ZIP code:  199106
Address:  21st line 2
199106, Saint Petersburg
Web: www.spmi.ru

Department of Mineralogy, Crystallography and Petrology
Department of Science and Research
Faculty of Geological Prospecting
Geological Exploration Department
Mining Museum

List of users affiliated in organization
Abdrakhmanov, Ilnur, RMS Full Member
Akbarpuran Khaiati, Sima Abdolrahimovna, RMS Full Member
Aleksandrova, Tatyana Nikolaevna, RMS Full Member
Alekseev, Viktor I., RMS Full Member
Alyokhina, Vera Vladimirovna, RMS Full Member
Andryushenko, Valeria Vladimirovna, RMS Full Member
Apukhtina, Natalia N., RMS Full Member
Bogatyrev, Leonid Igorevich
Borovkova, Natalya Valer\'evna, RMS Full Member
Bulakhova, Kristina Yanovna
Chernigovtsev, Konstantin Alexandrovich, RMS Full Member
Devnina, Natalia N., RMS Full Member
Evdokimov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich
Gayfutdinova, Asiya Minyakupovna
Giter, Elizaveta Alexandrovna
Glazov, Alexey; Aleksey I., RMS Full Member
Golovacheva, Irina A., RMS Full Member
Gulbin, Yury L., RMS Full Member
Ilalova, Regina Kashifovna, RMS Full Member
Ivanov, Mikhail A., RMS Full Member
Karyakin, Ivan A., RMS Full Member
Kashtanov, Ilya Egorovich
Kosyanov, Dmitriy
Kotova, Elena, RMS Full Member
Kozlov, Alexander Vladimirovich, RMS Full Member
Krasotkina, Anna Olegovna, RMS Full Member
Kurguzova, Anna, RMS Full Member
Kuzina, Aleksandra
Lebedeva, Maria
Leontyev, Vasilii, RMS Full Member
Logunova, Maria Nikolaevna
Machevariani, Maria, RMS Full Member
Marin, Yury B., RMS Full Member, RMS Honorary Member
Markovski, Mishel Roneevich
Michailova, Elizaveta Valerjevna
Mikhailov, Vladimir
Minibaev, Alexander Minzakirovich, RMS Full Member
Molchanova, Ekaterina Alexandrovna
Mushta, Andrey
Nefedov, Yury Vicktorovich, RMS Full Member
Nikolaeva, Nadezda Valerievna, RMS Full Member
Nkenda Bakoula, Idylle Plachini, RMS Full Member
Pashutina, Tatyana Valeryevna
Petrov, Dmitry A., RMS Full Member
Popov, Anton
Pushkina, Yulia
Rassolov, Alexander A., RMS Full Member
Ratkovski, Gleb Evgenevich
Rozhkova, Irina
Ryzhkova, Svetlana Olegovna
Salishev, Mihail
Savichev, Andrey Alexandrovich, RMS Full Member
Senchina, Nataliya Petrovna
Sendek, Sergey V., RMS Full Member
Shnai, Galina Konstantinovna, RMS Full Member
Simakina, Margarita
Simakov, Anton Petrovich, RMS Full Member
Smolenskiy, Vadim Valerievich, RMS Full Member
Soloveva, Anna Igorevna
Stativko, Vladislav Sergeyevich
Stepanov, Valentin, RMS Full Member
Sudarikov, Sergei
Sukhanova, Kristina Glebovna, RMS Full Member
Svetlova, Julia, RMS Full Member
Talovina, Irina V., RMS Full Member
Tarasenko, Anna
Tarasenko, Yuriy Nikolaevich, RMS Full Member
Tkachenko, Ivan Valerievich
Tomaev, Vladimir Vladimirovich, RMS Full Member
Tutakova, Anna Yakovlevna
Vasilyev, Evgeny Alekseevitch, RMS Full Member
Vorontsova, Nataliya I., RMS Full Member
Voytekhovsky, Yury L., RMS Full Member, RMS Honorary Member
ѕаламарчук, –оман
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