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MembershipOrganizations Institute of Ore Geology, Petrography, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry (IGEM) RAS
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Institute of Ore Geology, Petrography, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry (IGEM) RAS
Name Abbreviation:  IGEM RAS
Profile: science
City: Moscow
Country: Russia
Web: http://www.igem.ru/

A.N.Zavaritsky Laboratory of Petrography
Belov Laboratory of Mineral Cristallochemistry
Department of Mineralogy
Korzhinsky Laboratory of Metamorphism and Metasomatism
Lab for isotope geochemistry amd geochronology
Lab of Ore Deposit Geology
Laboratory of Geochemistry
Laboratory of minerals analysis
Laboratory of Ore Deposits
Laboratory of Ore Deposits, Section of Mineragraphy
Laboratory of Radiogeology and Radiogeoecology
Laboratory of Rare-Metal Magmatism
Ore and Petrology Museum

List of users affiliated in organization
Ageeva, Olga A., RMS Full Member
Akimova, Anastasiya Vladimirovna
Akinfiev, Nikolay Nikolaevich, RMS Full Member
Alekseyev, Victor Yurevich
Aleshin, Alexei Petrovich, RMS Full Member
Andreeva, Irina Anatol'evna
Aranovich, Leonid Ya., RMS Full Member
Aristov, Vasily
Babansky, Andrey
Belousov, Petr Evgenievich, RMS Full Member
Bochneva, Anna A., RMS Full Member
Boeva, Natalia Mihyilovna
Borisov, Alexander A., RMS Full Member
Borisovsky, Sergey Yevgenevich, RMS Full Member
Bortnikov, Nikolay S., RMS Full Member
Chaplygin, Ilya Vladimirovich, RMS Full Member
Chefranova, Anna Viktorovna, RMS Full Member
Chugaev, Andrey Vladimirivich
Dokuchaev, Alexander Yakovlevich
Doynikova, Olga Alexandrovna, RMS Full Member
Evstigneeva, Tatiana L., RMS Full Member
Ezhov, Anton Igorevich
Filimonova, Ludmila G., RMS Full Member
Gamyanin, Gennady N., RMS Full Member, RMS Honorary Member
Gongalskiy, Bronislav Iosifovich, RMS Full Member
Gorelikova, Nina V., RMS Full Member
Griboedova, Irina gennadievna
Grigorieva, Antonina V., RMS Full Member
Grokhovskaya, Tatiana L., RMS Full Member
Groznova, Elena Olegovna, RMS Full Member
Ivanova, Julia, RMS Full Member
Karimova, Oxana, RMS Full Member
Kartashov, Pavel M., RMS Full Member
Kaygorodova, Ekaterina
Kigai, Ingrid N., RMS Full Member
Kiseleva, Galina Dmitrievna, RMS Full Member
Koroleva, Lyudmila A., RMS Full Member
Korpechkov, Denis Ivanovich
Kotelnikova, Zoya A.
Kotov, Alex
Kovalenker, Vladimir A., RMS Full Member
Kovrigina , Sofja Vladimirovna, RMS Full Member
Krupskaya, Victoria Valerievna, RMS Full Member
Krylova, Tatyana L., RMS Full Member
Lalomov, Alexander Valerianovich
Larikova, Tatiana
Livshits, Tatyana S., RMS Full Member
Lyubimceva, Natalia Gennadyevna
Makeev, Alexander B., RMS Full Member
Marcille, Irina M., RMS Full Member
Mineeva, Rimma Mikhailovna, RMS Full Member
Mokhov, Andrey V., RMS Full Member
Plotinskaya, Olga Yurievna, RMS Full Member
Podlesskiy, Konstantin K., RMS Full Member
Polozov, Aleksandr Georgievich, RMS Full Member
Prokofiev, Vsevolod Yurievich
Rakov, Leonid T., RMS Full Member
Rass, Irina T., RMS Full Member
Samonov, Alexander Ye., RMS Full Member
Serebryakov, Nikolai S., RMS Full Member
Shakhtiyarova, Adelina Vladimirovna
Sharkov, Evgeni V., RMS Full Member
Sidorova, Nina
Sludgenikin, Sergei F., RMS Full Member
Slukin, Anatoly D., RMS Full Member
Smoljaninova, Vera N., RMS Full Member
Solovova, Irina Petrovna
Speransky, Alexander Vsevolodovich, RMS Full Member
Tagirov, Boris
Titkov, Sergey Vasilievich, RMS Full Member
Tonkacheev, Dmitry Evgenievich, RMS Full Member
Ustinov, Stepan Andreevich
Vikentyev, Ilya
Volfson, Alexander Alexandrovich
Volkov, Alexander Vladimirovich
Yudintseva, Vera Alekseevna
Zhilicheva, Olga Michailovna, RMS Full Member
Zhukov, Vladimir V., RMS Full Member
Zotov, Igor Aleksandrovich
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