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Journal of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface. ISSN 0148-0227
JGR-Earth Surface focuses on the physical, chemical, and biological processes that affect the form and function of the surface of the solid Earth over all temporal and spatial scales, including fluvial, eolian, and coastal sediment transport; hillslope mass movements; glacial and periglacial activity; weathering and pedogenesis; and surface manifestations of volcanism and tectonism.
Category: journals and other periodicals
Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences. ISSN 0148-0227
JGR-Biogeosciences focuses on biogeosciences of the Earth system in the past, present, and future and the extension of this research to planetary studies. The emerging field of biogeosciences spans the intellectual interface between biology and the geosciences and attempts to understand the functions of the Earth system across multiple spatial and temporal scales. Studies in biogeosciences may use multiple lines of evidence drawn from diverse fields to gain a holistic understanding of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems and extreme environments. Specific topics within the scope of the section include process-based theoretical, experimental, and field studies of biogeochemistry, biogeophysics, atmosphere-, land-, and ocean-ecosystem interactions, biomineralization, life in extreme environments, astrobiology, microbial processes, geomicrobiology, and evolutionary geobiology.
Category: journals and other periodicals
Journal of the Geological Society. ISSN 0016-7649
The Journal aims to publish the most topical and highest quality papers, summarizing the results of recent research across the full range of the Earth Sciences. Papers are frequently interdisciplinary in nature, often refer to regional studies and should emphasize the development of understanding of fundamental geological processes. The implications of regional studies should extend beyond their geographical context. Alternatively more specialized papers can be submitted, but they should be written in a style that is easily understood by non-specialists to illustrate the progress being made in that specific area of the Earth Sciences. Reviews on topics of current interest are also welcome, but they too should be written to cater for non-specialist readers. Specials are short papers on topical or controversial issues in Earth Sciences and receive fast-track reviewing procedures, allowing publication in less than 6 months.
Category: journals and other periodicals
The Journal of Geology. ISSN 0022-1376
One of the oldest journals in geology, The Journal of Geology has since 1893 promoted the systematic philosophical and fundamental study of geology. The Journal publishes original research across a broad range of subfields in geology, including geophysics, geochemistry, sedimentology, geomorphology, petrology, plate tectonics, volcanology, structural geology, mineralogy, and planetary sciences. Many of its articles have wide appeal for geologists, present research of topical relevance, and offer new geological insights through the application of innovative approaches and methods. Contents range from work on the composition of the lunar interior to computer modeling of fossil development. In addition to major research articles, the Journal regularly publishes geological notes (short, focused contributions that, despite their length and subject, have the same conceptual generality and significance as longer articles), book reviews, and stimulating discussions of articles previously published in the Journal with replies from the articles original authors. Frequency: bimonthly.
Category: journals and other periodicals
Proceedings of the Mining Institute, The
The Proceedings are of interest for a wide range of researchers, scientists, university lecturers, specialists and managers of industrial enterprises as well as business people involved in exploration, prospecting, development and processing of minerals. The journal has been published continuously since 1907.
Category: journals and other periodicals
Journal of Applied Crystallography. ISSN 0021-8898
The journal covers a wide range of crystallographic topics from the viewpoints of both techniques and theory. The journal presents papers on the application of crystallographic techniques and on the related apparatus and computer software. For many years, the Journal of Applied Crystallography has been the main vehicle for the publication of small-angle scattering papers and powder diffraction techniques. The journal is the primary place where crystallographic computer program information is published. Recent additions are a Cryocrystallography Papers section and a Software Reviews section.
Category: journals and other periodicals
Biogeochemistry. ISSN 0168-2563 (Print); 1573-515X (Online)
The journal publishes original papers and occasional reviews dealing with biotic controls on the chemistry of the environment, or with the geochemical control of the structure and function of ecosystems. Cycles are considered, either of individual elements or of specific classes of natural or anthropogenic compounds in ecosystems. Particular emphasis is laid on the interactions of element cycles. Global aspects of biogeochemistry are covered in the form of work on the global carbon and sulfur cycles, for instance, and studies on both natural and artificial ecosystems are published when they contribute to a general understanding of biogeochemistry.
Category: journals and other periodicals
Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations of Crystallography. ISSN 0108-7673
The journal publishes papers reporting fundamental advances in all areas of crystallography in the broadest sense. The central themes are, on the one hand, experimental and theoretical studies of the properties and arrangements of atoms, ions and molecules in condensed matter, ideal or real, and of their symmetry and, on the other, the theoretical and experimental aspects of the various methods to determine these arrangements.
Category: journals and other periodicals
Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science. ISSN 0108-7681
The journal publishes papers in which structure is the primary focus of the work reported. The central themes of Structural Science are the acquisition of structural knowledge from novel experimental observations or from existing data, the correlation of structural knowledge with physico-chemical and other properties, and the application of this knowledge to solve problems in the structural domain. Structural Science has broad chemical coverage, encompassing metals and alloys, inorganics and minerals, metal-organics and purely organic compounds.
Category: journals and other periodicals
MinDat.org - Mineralogy database
Mindat.org is the largest mineral database and mineralogical reference website on the internet. This site contains worldwide data on minerals, mineral collecting, mineral localities and other mineralogical information.
Category: mineralogy and crystallography databases
Responsible for information: Plotinskaya, Olga Yurievna
RRUFF Project website
RRUFF Project website containing an integrated database of Raman spectra, X-ray diffraction and chemistry data for minerals
Category: mineralogy and crystallography databases
Responsible for information: Smolenskiy, Vadim Valerievich
Geophysical Research Letters. ISSN 0094-8276
Geophysical Research Letters publishes short, concise research letters that present scientific advances that are likely to have immediate influence on the research of other investigators. GRL letters can focus on a specific discipline or apply broadly to the geophysical science community.
Category: journals and other periodicals
Earth and Planetary Science Letters. ISSN 0012-821X
Since its first appearance in 1966, Earth and Planetary Science Letters has built up an enviable reputation. Its successful formula of presenting high-quality research articles with minimal delay has made it one of the most important sources of information in its field. The articles published reflect the great impact made on research in the geosciences by the use of successful research methods from other disciplines such as chemistry, physics, and mathematics. It also covers research into all aspects of lunar studies, plate tectonics, ocean floor spreading, and continental drift, as well as basic studies of the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the Earth's crust and mantle, the atmosphere and the hydrosphere. ISSN: 0012-821X
Category: journals and other periodicals
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. ISSN 0016-7037
Journal of The Geochemical Society and The Meteoritical Society ISSN: 0016-7037
Category: journals and other periodicals
Geology. ISSN 0091-7613
Geology ISSN 0091-7613
Category: journals and other periodicals
Geological Society of America Bulletin. ISSN 0016-7606
Geological Society of America Bulletin ISSN 0016-7606
Category: journals and other periodicals
Moscow University Geology Bulletin (Vestnik Moskovskogo Universiteta. Geologiya). ISSN 0145-8752
The Faculty of Geology at Moscow State University is the largest educational and scientific geological center in Russia and its Bulletin publishes articles on research being conducted by some of Russia's most prominent geologists. The journal covers all areas of the Former Soviet Union, all geological disciplines and all periods of the Earth's history. The main subjects covered are: Dynamic geology; Geology and geochemistry of mineral and fuel resources; Lithology and marine geology; Petrology and mineralogy; Crystallography and crystallochemistry; Hydrogeology; Engineering and ecological geology; Geocryology; Neotectonics, fault tectonics and movements; Geophysical exploration methods. Special attention has been given lately to research in geocryology, geological environmental protection, evolutionary petrology, marine geology and nonlinear petroleum-gas geology. Published by Allerton Press, Inc. together with the Moscow State University.
ISSN: 0579-9406 (in Russian)
ISSN: 0145-8752 (in English)
Category: journals and other periodicals
Russian Geology and Geophysics. ISSN 1068-7971
Journal is devoted to all fields of geology and geophysics, including those specially addressed to geological problems of Siberia and Asia as a whole. The main sections are: Stratigraphy, paleontology and regional geology; Mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry, mineral resources and metallogeny; Oil and gas geology; Geotectonics and geomorphology; Global and prospecting geophysics;Experimental modeling of natural processes. Systematically special issues are devoted to specific topics and include articles from non-Russian sources.
ISSN: 0016-7886 (in Russian).
ISSN: 1068-7971 (online, in English).
Abstracted and/or indexed in: Current Contents and SCIE.
Published by: Siberian Branhch of Russian Academy of Sciences.
Category: journals and other periodicals
Geology of Ore Deposits (Geologiya rudnykh mestorozhdenii). ISSN 1075-7015
Journal is devoted to metallic and nonmetallic mineral resources and the conditions of their formation and distribution. Founded in 1959, the journal contains original scientific articles and reviews on a wide range of problems in theoretical and applied science. From the year 2001, the journal will be focused on the following problems: deep structure of the Earth, geodynamic processes, and ore formation; distribution pattern of metallogenic zones and mineral deposits; geology and localization conditions of large and unique metallic and nonmetallic deposits; mineralogy of metallic and nonmetallic deposits; physicochemical parameters, isotopic characteristics, and geochemical environment of ore deposition; evolution of ore-forming systems; radiogeology and radiogeoecology, economic problems of ore districts and deposits development.
ISSN: 0016-7770 (in Russian).
ISSN: 1075-7015 (in English).
Abstracted and/or indexed in: World Translations Index.
Published by: I Nauka/Interperiodica.
Category: journals and other periodicals
Doklady Earth Sciences. ISSN 1028-334X
Journal of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It contains English translations of papers published in Doklady Akademii Nauk (Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Sciences), which was founded in 1933 and is published 36 times a year. Doklady Earth Sciences includes materials from the following areas: geology, mineralogy, petrology, oceanology, geography, soil science, paleontology, geochemistry, and geophysics.
ISSN: 0869-5652 (in Russian).
ISSN: 1028-334X (in English).
Abstracted and/or indexed in: Georef.
Published by: I Nauka/Interperiodica.
Category: journals and other periodicals
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