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XIII All-Russian conference on thermobarogeochemistry in conjunction with IV APIFIS symposium
Composition of fluid inclusions from intrusive rocks of the norite-cortlandite complex, Kamchatka

RMS-DPI code:  2008-1-22-1
Scientific session:  Fluid inclusions in magmatic minerals as indicators of magmas generation conditions and evolution
Author listing:  Konnikov E.G., Vasyukova O.N.
Principal author:  Konnikov Eduard G.
Language:  English
Abstract - Summary 
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Fluid inclusions in rocks of the Kuvalorog and Shanuch plutons have been studied. Microthermometry and Raman spectroscopy indicate different composition ones. High-density CO2 inclusions are characteristic for Kuvalorog, whereas N2-CH4-CO2 and aqueous inclusions dominate in Shanuch. The methane presence in fluid inclusions of Shanuch pluton is an indicator of its potential in respect to the sulfide ores.
Date of presentation:  22/09/2008
RMS-DPI code:  2008-1-22-1
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Proceedings of XIII International conference on thermobarogeochemistry and IVth APIFIS symposium. Volume 1.
Pages:  172-175
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Recieved:  09/03/2008
Accepted:  28/06/2008
Published on-line:  12/02/2009
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Contact author(s):  Konnikov, Eduard G.

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