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Rare earth elements in tourmaline from cassiterite-silicate and cassiterite-quartz ore formation (evidence from the Verkhneurmiyskiy ore cluster, Far East)

RMS-DPI code:  2017-1-194-0
Scientific session:  4. Minerals as indicators of the rock and ore formation.
Author listing:  Sukhanova K.G., Alekseev V.I.
Principal author:  Sukhanova Kristina G.
Language:  Russian
Abstract - Summary 
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On an example Verkhneurmiysky tin ore knot in Amur River region the composition of rare-earth elements in tourmaline of tin ore occurence of kassiterit-silicate and kassiterit-quartz formations is investigated. Tourmaline of greisen it is formed in impoverished REE to the fluid environment. Spectrum of REE in greisen tourmaline specifies in less oxidising conditions of formation of ores of a kassiterit-quartz formation; it is connected with yttrofluorite growth during crystallisation of tourmaline. For tourmaline from tourmalinite enrichment heavy REE and occurrence of positive Eu-anomaly that reflects oxidising conditions of kassiterit-silicate ore occurence formation and presence of inclusions of minerals-concentrators HREE - zircon, monazite is characteristic.

Keywords: Tourmaline group, greisen, tourmalinite cassiterite-quartz and cassiterite-quartz ore Formation, Verkhneurmiysky tin ore knot, Far East.
RMS-DPI code:  2017-1-194-0
Pages:  332-334
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Recieved:  21/08/2017
Accepted:  16/09/2017
Published on-line:  07/12/2017
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Contact author(s):  Alekseev, Viktor I.

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