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Fedorov session 2016
Mineralogical and petrochemical analysis of rocks from Ermakovskoe and Zavitinskoye deposits in terms of feasibility of creating of the model of beryllium and lithium minerals behaviour on exposure to physical-and-chemical effect

RMS-DPI code:  2016-1-38-0
Scientific session:  2. Applied mineralogy
Author listing:  Azarova Yu.V., Krinov D.I., Kolcov V.Yu.
Principal author:  Azarova Yuliya V.
Language:  Russian
Abstract - Summary 
(short description):
Beryllium belongs to rare strategically important elements, irreplaceable in a number of branches of modern equipment. The main primary products of beryllium production are beryllium concentrates berilling, bertranditovy and bertrandit-fenakitovy (Ermakovskoye\'s field), besides, it is got as the accompanying element (Zavitinskoye\'s field). Mineralogo-petrochemical features of rocks fields and physical and chemical properties of minerals carriers of useful components in the light of possibility of creation of uniform behavior model of minerals of Be and Li at physical and chemical influence are considered
Date of presentation:  10/10/2016
Presentation Place:  Mining University, foyer of the Assembly Hall
RMS-DPI code:  2016-1-38-0
File of proceedings 
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Status:  preprint
Recieved:  25/07/2016
Accepted:  28/08/2016
Contact author(s):  Azarova, Yuliya V.

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