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2nd International Conference "Crystallogenesis and Mineralogy"
Typomorphic features of amazonite luminescence

RMS-DPI code:  2007-1-110-0
Scientific session:  Session 5. Crystal chemistry and crystal morphology of minerals
Author listing:  Boroznovskaya N.N., Konovalenko S.I., Sveshnikova V.L., Agapova E.D., Nebera T.S.
Principal author:  Boroznovskaja Nina N.
Language:  Russian
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The studies were performed on green amazonites from the Ilmen Reserve, blue amazonites from Kola Peninsula, blue and green amazonites from Transbaikalia, the Tien-Shan, Tuva, the Pamirs and Mongolia. They are mainly the pegmatitic block zones with the exception of N. Tien-Shan's (amazonitic granite) and Mongolian (quartz-amazonitic veins). The studied amazonites are represented by the maximum microcline, sometimes by the orthoclase. The roentgenoluminescence (RL) spectrum was obtained in the optical range of wave lengths 250-900 nm. The comparison was performed between the data gained by the roentgenostructural, spectral and luminescent analyses. The typomorphism of RL characteristics of amazonite was marked. It was stated that amazonite may be formed in the conditions of diverse depths, alkalinity, at different stages of the granite and pegmatite formation.
RMS-DPI code:  2007-1-110-0
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Crystallogenesis and Mineralogy
Pages:  235-237
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Accepted:  13/05/2007
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