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2nd International Conference "Crystallogenesis and Mineralogy"
Roentgenoluminescence of fluorozirconates changing their composition through thermal decomposition

RMS-DPI code:  2007-1-39-0
Scientific session:  Session 3. Synthesis of crystalline materials and experimental mineralogy
Author listing:  Godneva M.M., Boroznovskaya N.N., Motov D.L., Klimkin V.M.
Principal author:  Godneva Maria Moiseevna
Language:  Russian
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The TA method and XPA were employed to study thermal decomposition of fluorozirconates M2ZrF6, M5Zr4F21.3H2O, MZrF5.H2O (M - Rb, Cs), Rb2Zr3OF12, Cs2Zr3F14.1.5H2O, ZnZr2F10.7H2O. After cooling the roentgenoluminescence (RL) of products obtained by cutting on completion of endoeffects on DTA curves was determined. Heating of the anhydrous compounds to 450 oC did not lead to decomposition, although a slight decrease of intensity RL was observed. For hydrated fluorozirconates with zirconium-coordinated water and fluorine incorporated in the system of hydrogen bonds, these bonds must be broken in order to produce a compound comparable in intensity with anhydrous fluorides. Thermal decomposition of hydrated fluorozirconates results in the formation of phases (M2ZrF6, Rb2Zr3OF12) representing luminescent compounds.
RMS-DPI code:  2007-1-39-0
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Crystallogenesis and Mineralogy
Pages:  71-73
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Accepted:  24/05/2007
Published on-line:  28/12/2007
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Contact author(s):  Godneva, Maria Moiseevna

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