Russian Mineralogical Society
RMS Annual Session "Ontogeny of minerals applied to scientific and industrial uses (to the 100 year anniversary of Prof. Dmitry Grigoriev)"
Bulakh A.
Minerals in nature and "on paper"
RMS DPI 2009-1-E3-0
Marin Yu.B., Yushkin N.P.
The creator of a new mineralogy (on the 100th birthday anniversary of Professor Dmitry Grigoriev)
RMS DPI 2009-1-114-0
Rundqvist D.V.
Ontogenesis and phylogenesis in geology and the global laws of geological development
RMS DPI 2009-1-E1-0
Yushkin N.P.
Ontogeny of minerals and evolution of the mineral world
RMS DPI 2009-1-E2-0
1. History, current state and prospects of mineral ontogeny applied to problems of geochemistry, crystallography, mineralogy, lithology, petrology and economic geology.
Azarova Yu.V., Krinov D.I.
Ontogenic analysis of proportions of sulfides in rocks of Khibiny massif with regard to processes of sulfide formation
RMS DPI 2009-1-1-0
Balitsky V.S., Balitskaya O.V.
Professor Dmitry Pavlovich Grigoriev and the role of ontogenic investigations in creation of highly effective technologies of growing of synthetic quartz and its colored varieties
RMS DPI 2009-1-2-0
Belogub E.V.
Ontogeny of supergene sulfides from oxidation zones
RMS DPI 2009-1-3-0
Bilskaya I.V., Brodskaya R.L.
Typomorphic features of olivine crystals
RMS DPI 2009-1-4-0
Vdovina I.
Crystal morphological investigations in practice of the Komsomolsk-on-Amur exploration expedition
RMS DPI 2009-1-5-0
Voznyak D.K., Kvasnytsya V.N.
About the criteria for syngenesis of mineral inclusions in diamond
RMS DPI 2009-1-6-0
Voytekhovsky Yu.L.
Population aspect of crystallomorphology
RMS DPI 2009-1-7-0
Voytekhovsky Yu.L., Chernyavsky A.V., Voloshin A.V., Shpachenko A.K., Basalayev A.A., Savchenko E.E.
New gold localities on the Kola Peninsula
RMS DPI 2009-1-8-0
Glikin A.E., Kryuchkova L.Yu., Plotkina Yu.V., Sinay M.Yu., Taratin N.V.
To the ontogeny of isomorphic-mixed crystals
RMS DPI 2009-1-9-0
Granovskaya N.V.
Belorechensk baryte deposit: A training ground for ontogenic researches
RMS DPI 2009-1-10-0
Gritsenko Yu.D., Spiridonov E.M.
Mechanisms of formation of Ni-Co-Fe arsenide spherulites
RMS DPI 2009-1-11-0
Gromalova N.A., Eremin N.N., Dorokhova G.I., Maltsev V.V., Urusov V.S.
Morphology and flux growth of alexandrite and chrysoberyl crystals
RMS DPI 2009-1-12-0
Demina T.V., Mikhailov M.A.
The features of formation of beryl structure compounds in dry media
RMS DPI 2009-1-13-0
Yevzikova N.Z.
The «Ontogeny of minerals» as a breakthrough into the higher mineralogy
RMS DPI 2009-1-14-0
Egorov K.N., Galenko V.P., Sklyarov V.Ye.
Typomorphic characteristics of diamonds from the Biryussa river (Eastern Cissayan) with regard to the prospecting of bedrock sources
RMS DPI 2009-1-15-0
Ivanov B.G.
Features of formation of yttrium aluminium garnet crystals
RMS DPI 2009-1-16-0
Ivanova L.A., Marchuk M.V., Medvedev V.Ya.
Features of morphology of fayalite, formed on various substrates in hydrothermal conditions
RMS DPI 2009-1-17-0
Izatulina A.R., Punin Yu.O., Shtukenberg A.G., Golovanova O.A.
To the ontogeny of oxalate kidney stones
RMS DPI 2009-1-18-0
Ilyinskaya T.B., Ivanov M.A.
Mineralogy in philological aspect: The gemstones symbolism in N.S.Leskov works
RMS DPI 2009-1-19-0
Imamendinov B.N., Voytenko V.N., Zadorozhny D.N.
Structural evolution of pyrites from Dora-Pil goldfield (Eastern Yakutia)
RMS DPI 2009-1-20-0
Kazdym A.
Technogenic authigenous mineral formation in the cultural layer
RMS DPI 2009-1-21-0
Kiseleva G.D., Kovalenker V.A., Trubkin N.V.
Dzhalindite assemblage at the Bugdaya Au-Mo-(W)-Pb-Zn porphyry deposit (Eastern Transbaikalia)
RMS DPI 2009-1-22-0
Kovalev S.G., Michurin S.V., Timofeeva E.A.
U-Th-REE-mineralization of the western slope of the Southern Urals (distribution, mineral forms, genesis)
RMS DPI 2009-1-23-0
Koneev R.I.
Gold-ore deposits of Uzbekistan: mineralogical-geochemical style and regularities of formation
RMS DPI 2009-1-24-0
Krinov D.I.
Peculiarities of mineral ontogeny in submarine hydrothermal systems
RMS DPI 2009-1-25-0
Kuzmin V.I.
Mineral ontogeny of the redeposited weathering crust of the Tomtor carbonatite massif: Confirmation of deposit genesis
RMS DPI 2009-1-26-0
Kukuy A.L., Skublov S.G.
Statistical principles of REE distribution in Iceland spar crystals
RMS DPI 2009-1-27-0
Matkovsky O.I.
Grigoriev’s role in development of mineral ontogeny in Lviv University
RMS DPI 2009-1-28-0
Melnikov A.V.
Mineral ontogeny of the Taldansky metallogenic zone in the Upper Cisamur
RMS DPI 2009-1-29-0
Melnikov A.V.
Ontogenic study of minerals from Kulikansky Au-Ag-Pt deposit in Upper Cisamur
RMS DPI 2009-1-30-0
Mochalov A.G.
Genesis of platinum group minerals of the gabbro–pyroxenite–dunite plutonic complexes in the Koryak Highland
RMS DPI 2009-1-31-0
Pakhomova V.A., Zalishchak B.L., Tishkina V.B., Karabtsov A.A., Buravleva S.Yu., Ushkova M.A.
Fine-dispersed baddeleyite of the Algama deposit: Problems of ontogeny and thermobarogeochemistry
RMS DPI 2009-1-32-0
Petrov D.A.
Quantitative analysis of the “secondary alaskite” structure in Salmi massif (Karelia)
RMS DPI 2009-1-33-0
Petrov T.G., Krasnova N.I., Shuyskiy A.V.
Geologists should know the ontogeny of minerals
RMS DPI 2009-1-34-0
Popenko G.S.
Growth and morphology of gold in supergene conditions
RMS DPI 2009-1-35-0
Popov V.A.
Ontogeny of minerals and its importance for applied and basic research
RMS DPI 2009-1-36-0
Rozhdestvina (Palazhchenko) V.I.
Ontogeny of precious metals
RMS DPI 2009-1-37-0
Samokhina I.D., Vorontsova T.Yu., Vakhromeeva L.D., Glyanko T.I.
Section of mineral ontogeny in the mineralogical museum of ISTU for educational process
RMS DPI 2009-1-38-0
Safina N.P., Kotlyarov V.A.
Peculiarities of chemical composition of minerals in banded ores of the Mauk massive sulfide deposit (Southern Urals)
RMS DPI 2009-1-39-0
Simakova Yu.S., Efanova L.I.
Mineralogy of eluvial profile on Niyakhoiskoye-2 ore deposit
RMS DPI 2009-1-40-0
Smirnova N.L.
Polygonal surface ontogeny
RMS DPI 2009-1-41-0
Sorokina E.S., Khomrach M.V., Balitskaya O.V.
Using features of inclusions to identify the types of ruby deposits
RMS DPI 2009-1-42-0
Spiridonov E.M.
Metacrystals of Pd-Pt-Ag-Au-Te minerals in ores of Norilsk
RMS DPI 2009-1-43-0
Spiridonov E.M., Abramova T.T., Panasyan L.L., Ladygin V.M., Sokolov V.N., Chernov M.I.
Twisted fibrous calcite generated by quaternary glaciation in carboniferous limestones and dolomites of Russian platform
RMS DPI 2009-1-44-0
Spiridonov E.M., Filimonov S.V., Bryzgalov I.A., Guseva E.V., Korotayeva N.N., Krivitskaya N.N., Yapaskurt V.O.
Zonar structure of fahlore group minerals as a criteria for distinction between plutonogenic, volcanogenic-plutonogenic and volcanogenic hydrothermal gold deposits
RMS DPI 2009-1-45-0
Tatarinov A.V., Yalovik L.I.
Bacterial organomineral microaggregates in sediments of mineral springs and alkaline lakes in riftogenic structures of Transbaikalia
RMS DPI 2009-1-46-0
Tibilov J.V.
About the accessory gold in the ore fields with sub-Clark geochemical background
RMS DPI 2009-1-47-0
Titkov S.V.
Problems of diamond ontogeny
RMS DPI 2009-1-48-0
Turesebekov A.Kh., Vasilevsky B.B., Sharipov Kh.T., Baranova T.N.
Chemistry of pyrite and arsenopyrite in copper porphyry and gold deposits of black shale formations of the Republic of Uzbekistan as an indicator by quality estimation of mineral raw materials
RMS DPI 2009-1-49-0
Hmelivskiy V.O., Vjaluj A.
Carbomixites: polycomponent carbonate rocks from manganese deposits
RMS DPI 2009-1-50-0
Kholodnov V.V.
Ontogeny of halogen-bearing minerals as an indicator of fluid regimes and mineralization of super subduction magmatism of the Urals
RMS DPI 2009-1-51-0
Khokhryakov A.F., Palyanov Yu.N.
Origin of drop-shaped hillocks on tetrahexahedroids of natural diamond
RMS DPI 2009-1-52-0
Shakina K.A., Skakun L.Z.
Graphite populations in ores of Zavallya's deposit
RMS DPI 2009-1-53-0
Shafranovskiy G.I., Zinchenko V.N.
Application of morphological data to ontogenesis of diamonds from Camuanzanza pipe, NE Angola
RMS DPI 2009-1-54-0
Yakovleva O.P., Skibitskaya N.A., Kuzmin V.A.
To the problem of ontogeny of biogenic rockforming carbonates of hydrocarbon fields
RMS DPI 2009-1-55-0
2. Modern analytical methods used for studies of mineral formation processes.
Abdrakhmanov R.F.
Struvite in sewers
RMS DPI 2009-1-56-0
Aleynikova K.B., Zinchenko E.N., Likhach N.I.
Atomic structure of vitreous SiO2 and As2S3
RMS DPI 2009-1-57-0
Ankusheva N.N.
Forming and transforming conditions of hematite-quartz rocks from the southern flank of East-Magnitigorsk paleoisland arc
RMS DPI 2009-1-58-0
Afanasieva A.S., Kononov O.V., Yurgenson G.A., Prokofiev V.Yu.
Conditions of formation of noble beryl varieties from Sherlovaya mountain
RMS DPI 2009-1-59-0
Babaeva S.F.
Regularities of sulfide formation in pyrite deposits of the Southern Urals
RMS DPI 2009-1-103-0
Balitsky V.S., Balitskaya O.V.
Mechanisms of formation and morphogenetic types of fluid inclusions in crystals of synthetic minerals
RMS DPI 2009-1-60-0
Belousov V.I., Rychagov S.N., Filippov Ya.A., Padilla E.K., Khubaeva O.R.
Alunite as an indicator mineral of the epithermal systems upflow (high sulfidation)
RMS DPI 2009-1-61-0
Belousov V.I., Rychagov S.N., Filippov Ya.A., Padilla E.K., Khubaeva O.R.
Estimation of depth of erosion on epithermal deposits by mineral geothermometers
RMS DPI 2009-1-62-0
Belousov V.I., Rychagov S.N., Filippov Ya.A., Padilla E.K., Khubaeva O.R.
The role of hydrothermal minerals in reconstruction of hydrogeology of ore-forming epithermal systems
RMS DPI 2009-1-63-0
Borisov S.V., Magarill S.A., Pervukhina N.V.
Crystal structural prerequisites of the formation of natural mercury mineral assemblages
RMS DPI 2009-1-64-0
Brusnitsyn A.I.
Metamanganolites of Ural: mineralogy and genesis
RMS DPI 2009-1-65-0
Buravleva S.Yu., Pakhomova V.A., Zalishchak B.L., Odarichenko E.G.
Morphological types of corundum crystals from deposits of different genesis
RMS DPI 2009-1-66-0
Gavrilenko V.V., Nesterov A.R., Yanson S.Yu.
Typomorphism of minerals as one of bases of architectural heritage preservation of Saint Petersburg
RMS DPI 2009-1-67-0
Gavrilenko V.V., Panova E.G., Matveeva O.P., Cherkasskaya M.V.
Investigation of mineral typomorphism during gem beryl prospecting in pegmatites of the Southern Finland (Luumaki deposit)
RMS DPI 2009-1-68-0
Golovanova O.A.
Adsorption of glycine and glutamic acid on hydroxylapatite of different stoichiometry
RMS DPI 2009-1-69-0
Gulbin Yu.L.
Garnet-biotite geothermometer and temperature estimates for zoning garnet formation from metapelites
RMS DPI 2009-1-70-0
Darvishi E.
Petrogenesis of NW Aligudarz granitoid in Sanandaj-Sirjan metamorphic belt, Iran
RMS DPI 2009-1-71-1
Erokhin Yu.V.
Vesuvianite geochemistry of Bazhenovsky ophiolite complex
RMS DPI 2009-1-72-0
Erokhin Yu.V., Khiller V.V.
Monazite from glimmerites of the Shabrovsky ore field
RMS DPI 2009-1-73-0
Zorina S.O., Afanasieva N.I., Volkova S.A.
Quantitative X-ray phase analysis of Upper Cretaceous zeolite-bearing rocks in the east of the Russian Platform
RMS DPI 2009-1-74-0
Zykin N.N.
The nature of ore-forming solutions after water oxygen and hydrogen isotope composition from fluid inclusions of ore deposits minerals
RMS DPI 2009-1-75-0
Karas O.A., Pakhomova V.A., Zalishchak B.L., Laptash N.M., Zarubina N.V.
Modern methods of investigation of boron minerals of the Dalnegorsky borosilicate deposit (Primorsky krai)
RMS DPI 2009-1-76-0
Kiryanova E.V.
Oscillations of morphology and kinetic properties of crystals in connection with the clustering processes
RMS DPI 2009-1-77-0
Lemesheva S.A., Golovanova O.A., Izmaylov R.R.
Thermodynamic parameters and laws of formation of phases in bioliquids
RMS DPI 2009-1-78-0
Lokhov K.I., Sergeev S.A.
Determination of accessory zircon genesis by isotopic hafnium-neodymium systematics
RMS DPI 2009-1-79-0
Morozov M., Savichev A.A.
Raman mapping: A tool for mineral identification on micro/submicroscale
RMS DPI 2009-1-80-0
Naumkina N.I., Volkova S.A., Grevtsev V.A., Suchkova G.G.
Determination of kaolinite crystallinity
RMS DPI 2009-1-81-0
Naumkina N.I., Lygina T.Z., Ilicheva O.M., Afanasieva N.I.
Refinement of phase and structural ratios between opal, cristobalite and tridymite in early Paleogenic siliceous rocks
RMS DPI 2009-1-82-0
Naumko I.M.
Significance of fluid inclusions for studies of ontogeny of minerals from rock-ore complexes of Ukraine
RMS DPI 2009-1-83-0
Naumko I.M., Bondar R.A., Nechepurenko O.O., Sakhno B.E.
Volatiles in fluid inclusions of minerals from metamorphic rocks of the Marmarosh massif (Ukrainian Carpathians)
RMS DPI 2009-1-84-0
Nikandrov A.S., Nikandrov S.N.
On the composition of pyroxenes from genetically different mineral objects of the Ilmen mountains
RMS DPI 2009-1-85-0
Plotinskaya O.Yu., Prokofiev V.Yu., Damian G., Damian F.
Altaite formation conditions at the Cavnic Pb-Zn Deposit, Baia Mare region, Romania
RMS DPI 2009-1-86-1
Rassulov V.A.
Luminescence of zircons and apatites from main types of rocks of the Baltic shield
RMS DPI 2009-1-87-0
Rassulov V.A., Banderova E.A.
Luminescence of wollastonite of the Tyrnyauz tungsten deposit
RMS DPI 2009-1-88-0
Sakellaris G.A., Meyer F.M., Kolb J., Voudouris P.Ch.
Implications for exsolution of Bi-Au-Ag-Te minerals from sulf-arsenides during retrograde metamorphism. A case study: Guelb Moghrein, Mauritania
RMS DPI 2009-1-89-1
Skublov S.G., Simakin S.G.
First experience of element mapping of zircon crystal using time-of-flight mass-spectrometer TOF-SIMS5
RMS DPI 2009-1-90-0
Slovotenko N.A., Skakun L.Z., Serkiz R.Ya.
Cathodoluminescence image-analysis as a tool for the mineral dynamic formation researches
RMS DPI 2009-1-91-0
Sokerina N.V., Simakova Yu.S.
Conditions of calcite formation in veins from Manytanyrd area
RMS DPI 2009-1-92-0
Solonenko A.P., Belskaya L.V., Golovanova O.A.
Study of influence of metal ions (Cu, Fe) on hydroxyapatite crystal structure by means of IR spectroscopy
RMS DPI 2009-1-93-0
Sorokin A.S., Guzhikov A.Yu., Moskovsky G.A., Reshetnikov M.V.
Application of petromagnetic properties to the quality evaluation of sylvinite
RMS DPI 2009-1-94-0
Suvorova V.A., Kovalsky A.M.
(K, Rb)- feldspars: synthesis and X-ray investigation
RMS DPI 2009-1-95-0
Taratin N.V., Glikin A.E., Bocharov S.N., Kryuchkova L.Yu., Plotkina Yu.V.
Micromosaic of mixed crystals of model substances and natural minerals
RMS DPI 2009-1-96-0
Filimonova L.G.
Forms, compositions, paragenesis of Dukat ore field granite zircon: Reflection of ore-bearing fluidizated melts composition and evolution
RMS DPI 2009-1-97-0
Franke V.D., Glikin A.E., Kotelnikova E.N., Plotkina Yu.V., Shugaev A.I.
Phase heterogeneity of gallstones
RMS DPI 2009-1-98-0
Tchaikovskiy I.I.
Processes of modern mineral formation associated with evaporite complexes of Perm region
RMS DPI 2009-1-99-0
Shabanova Yu.A., Pakhomova V.A., Zalishchak B.L., Ekimova N.I., Kurilenko L.N.
Modern methods of investigations of quartz of the Shibanovsky massif
RMS DPI 2009-1-100-0
Shapovalov Yu.B., Balitsky V.S., Balitskaya L.V.
Stability of topaz and features of silica and alumina transfer in hydrothermal solutions
RMS DPI 2009-1-101-0
Yurkova R.M., Voronin B.I.
Elementary cell volume of hornblende structure as an indicator of PT conditions of amphibolite formation
RMS DPI 2009-1-102-0
3. Ontogeny of minerals as a tool for evaluation of mineral materials.
Balitskaya O.V., Balitsky V.S.
Genetic gemology of crystalline and amorphous varieties of silica
RMS DPI 2009-1-104-0
Balitsky D.V., Balitsky V.S.
Experimental study of the effect of supersaturation and directions of convection streams of solutions on change of growth rates of different faces of quartz crystals
RMS DPI 2009-1-105-0
Bubnova T.P.
Evaluation of formation conditions and quality of industrial garnets in metamorphic rocks of Karelia
RMS DPI 2009-1-106-0
Danilevskaya L.A., Skamnitskaya L.S.
Ontogenic approach to investigations of quartz raw material treatment and forecasting of quartz product quality
RMS DPI 2009-1-107-0
Kotova E.L.
Ontogenic analysis of vein quartz and estimation of quality of quartz products
RMS DPI 2009-1-108-0
Pirogov B.I.
Ontogeny in technological mineralogy
RMS DPI 2009-1-109-0
Polenov Yu.A., Ogorodnikov V.N., Sazonov V.N.
Ontogenic types of granulated quartz
RMS DPI 2009-1-110-0
Rylov V., Meshchaninov F.
Ontogeny of pyrrhotite by ore quality estimation of the Kizil-Dere deposit (Privodorazdelnaya zone, Greater Caucasus)
RMS DPI 2009-1-111-0
Chernyshov N.M., Abramov V.V., Kuznetsov V.S.
Interrelation between chemistry and crystal morphology of some PGE-minerals in black shales and ferruginous quartzites of KMA
RMS DPI 2009-1-112-0
Shchiptsov V.V.
Special features of mineral genesis and technological properties of industrial minerals depending on scale of deposits
RMS DPI 2009-1-113-0

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