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II International Conference



dedicated to the memory of prof. V. B. Tatarsky

St.Petersburg, October 1-5, 2007


Dear Colleague,

You are cordially invited to participate in the II International Conference on CRYSTALLOGENESIS AND MINERALOGY to be held in St.Petersburg in October 2007. The Conference is devoted to the development of fundamental crystallogenesis and its implications in mineralogy: modeling of mineral formation processes; analysis of genetic character of crystal morphology and crystal chemistry of minerals; studies of aggregate structures; synthesis of minerals and other crystalline materials; crystallogenesis in organic mineralogy and biomineralogy; history and teaching the crystallogenesis.

The Conference is dedicated to the 100th birthday of Professor V.B. Tatarsky (05.11.1907-23.02.1993), outstanding Russian scientist who made significant contributions to mineralogy and crystallography.

Chairs: A.E. Glikin (St. Petersburg),   V.G. Krivovichev (St. Petersburg)

Co-chairs: W. Schmahl (Munich), W. Depmeier (Kiel)

Conference Secretaries: L.Yu. Kryuchkova (St. Petersburg), N.V. Platonova (St. Petersburg)


Official languages will be English and Russian.


T. Armbruster (Bern), A. M. Askhabov (Syktyvkar), V.S. Balitsky (Chernogolovka), P. Burns (Notre-Dame), U. Bismayer (Hamburg), A.G. Bulakh (St. Petersburg), J. Deyoreo (Livermore), A.A. Chernov (Moscow, Livermore), H. Dabkowska (Hamilton,  Ferraris (Turin), J. Garcia-Ruiz (Granada), P. Gille (Munich), G. Heide (Freiberg), N.R. Khisina (Moscow), H. Klapper (Aachen), M. V. Kovalchuk (Moscow), E.N. Kotelnikova (St. Petersburg), N. I. Leonyuk (Moscow), A. Luttge (Houston), Yu. B. Marin (St. Petersburg), Mu Wang (Nanjing), D. Yu. Pushcharovsky (Moscow), A. Putnis (Muenster), D.V. Rundqvist (Moscow), E.V. Sokol (Novosibirsk), K. Tsukamoto (Sendai) V.S. Urusov (Moscow), A.E. Voloshin (Moscow), C.F. Woensdregt (Utrecht), N.P. Yushkin (Syktyvkar).


S.V.  Krivovichev (chair), A.A. Antonov, S.N. Bocharov, V.D. Franke, V. Gurjy, M.G. Krzhizhanovskaya, E.V. Kiryanova, A.M. Kulkov, M.V. Morozov, E.N. Perova, Yu.V. Plotkina, O.Y. Siidra, M.Yu. Sinay, V.B. Trofimov, S.Yu. Yanson, A.A. Zolotarev, A.A. Zolotarev (ju.).

Oral and poster presentations are welcome.
Participation by correspondence with abstract publication is also possible.

Details of abstract submission, registration, fee payment and accommodation will be given in the second circular.

Excursions around St.Petersburg, to mineralogical museums, tourist places of interest will be organized.

Registration is possible on the wed-site only:

Tel/fax: + 7(812)328-9650;

«Structural chemistry of inorganic actinide and lanthanide compounds» sponsored by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.
Contacts: S.V.  Krivovichev (St. Petersburg), W. Depmeier (Kiel)

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