23rd International Mineralogical Association General Meeting

Официальный сайт:   www.ima2022.fr
Контактный email:   krmickova@gli.cas.cz
Место проведения:   Лион, Франция
Сроки проведения:   18-22 July 2022

О конференции

The European Mineralogical Union (EMU) announces a competition for all geoscientists who are planning to take an active part in the IMA conference, which takes place on 18-22 July 2022 in Lyon, France (www.ima2022.fr). The EMU offers two conference grants (€300 each), which will partially cover the registration fee. The requirement for the competition is to send an application including your abstract, justification and letter of recommendation (from superior/supervisor or another expert in the field) to krmickova@gli.cas.cz no later than June 19. Based on the received applications, the EMU committee will select two most promising participants as the winners. After the grants are awarded, they will be transferred directly to the organisers of the IMA conference towards the fee.


Важные даты

Срок подачи тезисов:   19 June 2022

Опубликовал: 13/05/2022
Акбарпуран Хайяти Сима Абдолрахимовна

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