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Synthesis and crystal structure of a new uranyl selenate (C6H16N2)[(UO2)2(SeO4)3(H2O)](H2O)

RMS-DPI code:  2015-1-127-0
Scientific session:  5. Mineralogical crystallography, crystal chemistry and new minerals (Fyodorov Session)
Author listing:  Tyumentseva O.S., Gurzhiy V.V., Krivovichev S.V.
Principal author:  Tyumentseva Olga Sergeevna
Language:  Russian
Abstract - Summary 
(short description):
Single crystals of a new uranyl selenate (C6H16N2)[(UO2)2(SeO4)3(H2O)](H2O) have been prepared by isothermal evaporation from aqueous solutions. The crystal structure of a new compound has been solved by direct methods [monoclinic, P21/c, a = 11.3575(5) Å, b = 11.0210(5) Å, c = 17.8038(8) Å, β = 90.6080(10), V = 2228.39(17) Å3, Z = 4] and refined to R1 = 0.025 (wR2 = 0.055) for 4475 reflections with |Fo| ≥ 4σF using least square techniques. The structure is based upon the [(UO2)2(SeO4)3(H2O)]2- layers consisting of uranyl bypyramids sharing corners with selenate tetrahedra. The unique feature of this compound is the formation of organic cations [NH3-(CH2)3-C3H7N]2+ by combining broken and unbroken cyclic molecules.
Date of presentation:  15/10/2015
Presentation Place:  Mining University, foyer of the Assembly Hall
RMS-DPI code:  2015-1-127-0
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Status:  printed
Accepted:  03/09/2015
Contact author(s):  Tyumentseva, Olga Sergeevna

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